Makeup Declutter

Lately I have been watching a lot of youtube videos about “panning” makeup products and decluttering makeup that is not used or to old to be safe to use. I felt inspired and I wanted to do something about my collection.

Welp…My makeup stash is too big for me now. I love having all these eyeshadows and lip products and blushes but I had to be real with myself. My mom used to sell Mary Kay and that was my gateway drug to the world of makeup! I had easy access. It was intoxicating. After finding out manufacturing dates for my makeup through a cosmetic calculator , I decided it would be best to trash my Mary Kay blushes and face powders. I loved them visually but I never gave them the love they deserved!

I still have more makeup than I need but I am making an effort to use up/hit pan on some products.

Makeup stash
In the clear bag, bottom left, is my “makeup use-up” stash!


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