It’s February and 2018!

I’ve personally declared 2018 as a special year for myself. I don’t want to put such pressure on myself because the more I stress out about the goals I have set the more I will not pursue them. 🙂 I like to sabotage myself! For starters, I am turning 25 this year! *eeep* I am […]

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The Decluttered

Goodbye, Mary Kay Goodbye, Stila Goodbye, Nyx Goodbye, ELF Goodbye, Physicians Formula Goodbye, L’Oréal Goodbye, MAC knock-off I bought at a flea market -The Decluttered   Most of the above items are very old. Some of them are over 10 years old and they just don’t perform they way they would have back when I […]

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Makeup Declutter

Lately I have been watching a lot of youtube videos about “panning” makeup products and decluttering makeup that is not used or to old to be safe to use. I felt inspired and I wanted to do something about my collection. Welp…My makeup stash is too big for me now. I love having all these […]

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